I can't join my brothers session on Xbox 360.

 XK22XavierXK22 -
Hello, I'm so sick of trying to get in the game with my brother, every time i join him i get this message ( ERROR, Cant join session, check your internet connection) But when i try to join others it works completely fine. I didn't have the problem with Call of Duty 5, then i could join him..... But on Red dead redemption it dont work!!! This is so freaking irritating. Please help me !!!!!!!!!!

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I don't have an answer, but I've this problem too. I've a playstation 3 and when I'm trying to get in a session I get the same message: "Cant join session, check your internet connection"

Can anybody help us???

i had that problem too & i jus tryed it every day & it eventually worked