Most Flash games/videos dont load completly

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I am having a problem loading games and some videos that use flash. Very few games, and I mean VERY few, load completly. Most games will load to a certain point, then suddenly will stop loading without warning, same with some videos that use flash.

Note: I am forced to use AOL, so connection is usually slow, and games that use java work completly. I have heard that deleting the IE download manager helps, though I can't find it (likely because I use AOL)

Please help!

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I am also having this problem with certain games (Evony I&II, Frontierville, and Farmerama so far). I play over 20 other online flash games just fine and have only experienced this problem with the 3 mentioned so far, I actually used to play Evony I just fine beore they came out with thier new version Evony II, now I can't load either of them, all three games get to the part where they load the pages and on Evony I can see that the last thing that loads is the UI, but then they all just sit there in limbo forever on 90% loaded, or fully loaded, but don't actually render. All attempts at support from the games support staff have been dead ends as they all just keep telling me to empty my cache, cookies, re-install Flash/Java, and try/re-install the latest versions of browsers. I have tried IE, Firefox, and chrome, but I get the same result on all three with the same games.

I am getting a bit frustrated that no one seems to know a solution to this issue, seeing as it is happening to several, and doing the steps above doesn't do jack. Hopefully one day someone smart enough to actually diagnose the problem will find out whats going on.
Depressed Chick
Nov 26, 2010 at 08:04 PM
I too am havingthis exact problem with evony. It always loaded and then suddenly one day it didn't it sits on the screen of death (browny/organey clolour at 90% and just sits there. I too have cleaned cache cookies, took down firewalls. completed virus scans everything... and nothing to date seems to solve this problem. if anyone is has an answer i would be very interested to know what it is.
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Nov 26, 2010 at 09:16 PM
Try updating your Shockwave and Flash player, and/or getting a new browser. Chrome or Firefox both perform better then IE in every category, here's some links:

That should solve it. ^^