My desktop suddenly switch off after 15 min

 planakias -
my computer gets switch off automaticaly after 15 min or 20 min every time when i switch on system what is the problem

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Hi first check that in "Control Panel" that "Power options" is set "Power Scheme" to "Always On"

It it still does will have to get a pc technician diagnose might be the power supply or a over-heating cpu or memory or other peripherals,due to dust and the normal reaction of a pc is to shut itself down to prevent damage to your components when it is overheating
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Thanks so much!!!!! you saved me to give my comp. to a repair bussines. :)
thanks so so much : )
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Check all your cables and connection or your electrical system!
This i had done but no way still prblm
how old your system. try to change your smps when it become old more than six years