Black screen on start up.

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Hello, i'm having trouble starting my computer the screen is black and has the following:- Analyzing network media type, this will take several seconds.... ok. Then underneath RPL-ROM-ADR: 0011 5BFF D63A
RPL-ROM-FFC: Then counts up to 200 then repeats the process all over and over. I'm running windows xp / internet Explorer 8.0 HELP ME PLEASE. THANKS.

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1) First check your harddisk connections.

Try connecting your harddisk to other IDE / SATA connector on the

motherboard and try setting your harddisk as master.

2) Go to bios, load default settings and set first boot device as harddisk.
thanks guys problem still their i can't get any response from from curser. Only on start up after the introduction and timed right i can use F8 key to access a menu scroll keys work but no matter which item i enter it still go's back to the analyzing network media type and counts up to 200 seconds and repeats the process. I had it run all night but still the same.May need to put it in to get looked at or i can see if it can fly? Or send it to mythbusters.
Were you abel to resolve this issue? I am having the same issue and cannot figure out how to fix. Any help would be appreciated.
issue still unresolved.
I don't think that the problem comes from the hard disk.......But try to load optimal default settings in your bios:

1. Restart your pc and press the bios setup button
2. You must see the load optimal default button or if not, browse to find it.