Bsnl modem DNA-A211-I ppp username reset prob

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Wednesday June 30, 2010
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June 30, 2010
 Alex Abraham -

I have been using this modem for the past 18 months. Since the past 2 months I have a problem. The PPP Username gets reset to multiplay automatically. I have to go and change the user name and password and it works for the session. Then when I switch off power, it gets reset to multiplay automatically. Could you please provide me with a permanent solution for this?


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i am also using same modem. I also had faced same problem. actually it is hardware problem. u have to change the modem. go to bsnl and explain. in my case they replaced the modem. ( mind u I replaced the modem thrice for this same reason).
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Even I am facing the same problem for the past few months. When I called the technical suport, they said its the problem with the DNA-A211 router and I need to go for a new router. I am not too comfortable with this solution.


If technical supported answer that the router needs to be replaced then you must follow them else the issue will be pending .

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I am facing the same problem . Can you explain the reason for this cause