Change username on Spotify: from your desktop or cell phone

Change username on Spotify: from your desktop or cell phone

Spotify users may wish to change their username, but the platform doesn't make that easy. In this article, we will show you how to get a new Spotify username while keeping all of your music.

Can you change your username on Spotify?

No, Spotify does not allows users to change their usernames. The most common solution is to create a new account. We will show you that you can do so while keeping all of your music content and playlists, despite being a new account.

How to create a new user?

You will need to create a new user in Spotify with another email account. In the What's your name? box, enter the name you like best.

How to move your old lists to the new account?

Start by logging into the account you want to export the lists from. Click on the three dots that appear next to the name of the list, and click on Copy link from the playlist. Perform this operation with each of the lists you wish to transfer to your new account.

When you're done, sign out of the old account and open the new one you just created. Next, go to the search engine (located at the top left of the screen), and paste the link from the first list you previously saved. When you press Enter, the selected playlists will appear. Click on the first track, and select all the songs at the same time. Then click to the right of the title of one of the songs, and in the drop-down menu that appears select Save to your music. You can repeat this sequence with all the playlists you want:

how to move Spotify playlists to a new account
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When you're done, remember to delete your account and the subscriptions you have active in Spotify. As you can see, although it can be tedious, it is possible to change your username. Of course, since it is a new account, of course, you will lose all your followers and, you will also have to manually follow all the accounts you followed previously.

How to change your profile picture?

If this process seems too timely, or do not want to lose your followers/followed, there's an alternative. You can change your profile picture. To do so, click on your Spotify username (upper right corner of the screen). Hover over your current photo, and press Change. Finally, select the new image that you want to use. Remember, the new photo must be .jpeg and can be up to 4 MB.

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