Bsnl 3g problem with sony X10i


I need settings for my xperia x10i to make bsnl 3g services to work properly. Callcentre sent me 2 settings. Bsnllive & bsnlnet. On one i can browse the net and on the other i can use y other softwares like gtalk and android marketplace.

But both the web and my softwares do not work simultaneously on any one settng.
Need help cuZ even their call centre cant solve this.problem

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hi dude ,my xperia doesnt have any problem.i manuallu entered the setting
enter this setting in network.access point
name BSNL 3G
APN bsnlnet
port 8080
leave the others save
switch off and on
3g is ready
Thank you

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hey thanks a lot man.. I got everything to work simultaneously on my phone using the settings u sent me.. but i seem to be able to browse the web using only opera mini browser that i downloaded and no other.. :( will have to settle for that i guess..

n e waz thanks again