Dv 6000 screen goes black

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i followed the instructions to get the wirelss working (which was posted here)--
flashin bios.
installing the drivers
flashin again..

Untill the point when i did the above the only issue i managed to acquire for this failed line was that my wifi had stopped working. Now the comp doesnt boot up instead its giving a black screen. also the led's on the comp whic indicate that the hd is being accesd doesnt flicker during startup which i think is an indication that the connection to hd from the motherboard has been fried.. am i right >? id like opnions on this before attempting a DIY repair job on it..

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Hi nagesh,

Before taking any conclusion try this:

Remove the battery then hold on power button for 60 seconds approximately ,then fit battery back in its respective slot connecting the charger after it and power on .