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Hello, I have 2 DELL 8100s. #1 allowed me to reinstall XP PRO from the OFFICIAL DELL cd. #2 WILL NOT. I can get into the boot sequence screen, move cd device to top of list, but from there I CANNOT get into the BLUE XP SET UP screen. Please tell me EXACTLY by what series of key pushes I SAVE and EXIT in order to get to the SET UP screen. #1 offered both F2 and F12. #2 offers ONLY F2. I also get various messages on a black screen seemingly indicating that progress is being made. This is NOT the case. "CD drive being configured, IDE device is being configured, press any key to continue" and others. SET UP NEVER appears nor does SAVE and EXIT from the boot screen. I am stumped. Any help welcome.

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Hi there,

Follow this :

Press on F2 when powered on,
Press the <Down Arrow> key until Boot First Device is highlighted.
to change values have the instructions given on bottom or side of page,save and exit settings,if does not start by cd then press and hold F8 key,cd must be already in drive.