Help! XPsp2 Incomplete install-Missing Sys C

 john -

I own a Dell Dimension 8400 which shipped in 2006 w/ 3.5Ghz Pentium 4, 2gb RAM and 250gb HD.

Last week I replaced the primary HD w/ a WD 1TB SATA HD, then I freshly installed Win XPSP3 and now I can't get the computer to install/recognize the following:
- Ethernet Controller
- Mass Storage Controller
- Multimedia Audio Controller
- PCI Simple Comm Controller
- USB keyboard or mouse

A friend told me maybe bad motherboard...that sound reasonable/probable to you all?

Thank you in advance for your assistance & help!

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Hi there,

Have the driver downloaded from link below and install on system:

not a bad motherboard, no. you re-installed windows but probably neglected to install the drivers for your specific motherboard. the devices need the drivers installed so that windows can recognize them. someone posted a link, if thats theright board then it should work. you should also have the drivers on a cd.