How to play Videos in Samsung Corby TXT ????

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I use Samsung Corby TXT GT- B3210.

I tried converting to MP4 , h.263 and 3GPP but only the audio plays and i see a black screen...

I used an IWisoft Free video convertor

I want to ask you what should I keep the Bitrate for Audio and video ....also the the max the phone can play is 15 fps so i set that too..... I cant figure out the problem....

The video format of videos recorded by the phone is MP4 and its resolution is 176x144.....

PLz xprts help me .....

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Hi there,

Have another converter specific for Samsung mobile using link below:

Thank you

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Hey THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!

Though the Axara mobile converter converts it properly but it is an unregd version and it superimposes a message on the video.

But I got to know the specifications for the video from it.
And I used it in The iWisoft Free video converter and guess wat?
I was pleased to watch videos on my mobile.

I am giving the exact settings for video format played in SAmsung Corby TXT GT- B3210

Codec : h.263
Size : 176x164
Rate : 12fps
Bitrate : 160 kbps
Ratio : Auto

Codec : AMR_NB
Bitrate : 12.2 kbps
Channel : 1 channel Mono
Sample : 8000Hz
Samsung Corby will play 3GP videos.
no it wont
use flv media converter ..
It says unsupported because of its resolution. Convert the videos in resolution of 128x96, 176x16, 176x144, 320x240. There you go!