My Itunes is broken and I need some help.

 TayBay6 -
Ok, so My iTunes has never ever been able to open before by clicking on the iTunes. I have always had to go to my music folder and click on a song and it would just open my iTunes for me.
I have over 700 songs on my itunes and it was getting a bit ridiculous. So I went into my music folder in the start button on my windows computer and I was going through my music when I accidentally deleted the entire iTunes folder. I brought it back from the recycling bin and started dragging and dropping all of my music onto itunes and all was good. But then it crashed and It wont let me open it from clicking on a piece of music like I always do. It says that "The iTunes library file cannot be found or created. The Default location for this file is located in iTunes folder in Music,". So I go there and it gives me the exact same message. I have my iPod Touch (2nd Gen.) and I was just thinking... Oh God. I can't plug it into my computer until I get iTunes back or it will get rid of EVERYTHING. And I bought an album on my iPod touch and now it wants me to plug it into iTunes! It wont let me do anything with it until I plug it into iTunes! I am so scared its going to delete everything off my iPod if I do! What do I DO!

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In the beginning I meant by clicking the iTunes Icon.