Convert CDA to MP3: iTunes, for free, on Mac

Convert CDA to MP3: iTunes, for free, on Mac

Apple Music can still connect to the iTunes store on the internet and download music and multimedia files and it can also easily convert CDA music to an MP3 format. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to carry out this conversion process.

There is no need to use separate audio converter software as it's a simple process to convert iTunes music to MP3 format using the Music app. It's worth noting, that once your computer updates to OS Catalina, all of your previously purchased music, films and podcasts are still available, they are just accessible via the Apple app, Apple TV app and Apple Podcasts app. Still have questions? Check out this article for more info on the subject.

How to convert iTunes music to MP3 format on Mac?

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • In the menu bar, select Music > Preferences
  • Click on Files in the menu of the box that appears and then, Import Settings.
  • Click on Import Using and select the format you would like to convert the song to from the drop down list that opens. Then select OK.
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  • Next, select the songs in your library that you would like to convert. Then choose File > Convert then Create [format] Version.

The songs in their new converted formats will now appear in your library next to their original versions.

For those of you who might still be running an older OS version and have access to old iTunes, you can follow the next steps.

How to convert CDA to MP3 with iTunes?

  • Go to Options > Advanced.
  • Set your Import format to MP3 Encoder and click OK.
  • Right click on a file and select Convert selection to mp3.

Note: You can select multiple files at once and convert them together.

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