Connecting my xbox360 to my xp laptop

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i want to connect my xbox360 to my pc, but when i go to the advanced tab in my wireless network connection, there is no such thing that would let me tick on the option that would let me enable my ICP, HELP please.

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well first if the OS is windows xp then you need to download and install windows media connect its a non viral program made by microsoft. try installing and if it still will not connect let me kno
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hello my name is kevin i install the wireless internet and i treid to play online on my xbox 360 and it said that connets fail
> kevin
you need to bridge your wireless and your local that will work
hey, i installed the windows media connect i allowed my xbox but my internet wont connect

please help me

greatings dylan
heres a guide on how to bridge the connection
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turn off your wireless make sure your wired connection is on and right click-advanced-tick boxes done :)
Look to the left of the slot where you put the charger in your laptop. You see the slot? Find the cords that came with your xbox. Look for the cord that fits in the empty slot. Plug one side in it, then plug the other side in the back of the xbox.
here's the link, it will help you guys out it's really great

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