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shobhit - Dec 7, 2008 at 07:34 AM
 francoharris - Jan 28, 2014 at 04:30 PM

I have encountered a very strange problem while I save my ppt file its size gets larger (almost doubled) and many tmp files are simultaneously created. Also it guides me to open the file in safe mode?..

Can anyone guide me?

Its kinds urgent as I need to mail a document for an urgent ppt.



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There is not very much information to go on, so here are a few questions. There are also a few suggestions that are based on some assumptions. (Further disclaimer: it has been a while since I have had to trouble shoot something like this. But I DO remember how much it stunk to have to deal with this type of situation when in a hurry, so I don't want to leave you hanging.)

Although these suggestions may seem a little lame, they are likely to be better than nothing since you need to have progress. If you provide answers to these other questions, then someone may be able to provide you with a more definitive answer. Either way, good luck! I will be cheering for you.

1. What is your operating system?
2. What software are you using to create your powerpoint? Is it MS PowerPoint software or something else, and what version are you using?

3. How large is the original PPT file? How large are the temp files?
4. How old is the original PPT file? (Could it be corrupt?)
5. Are you saving to the existing file? If so, have you tried "save as" to a separate file? If so, did the same thing happen?

6. Does the original PPT file have a lot of "transitions", special effects, graphics, and special attachments (such as video) within it?
7. What was changed to create the need to save the file? Did you make major changes, such as adding video clips, etc.?
8. Do you have any backup files?

9. Do you have one or more virus packages checking your files? Have you run any of them against your file? Against your pc?
10. Have you downloaded anything from the web recently or noticed unusually high activity on your drive?

-First off, don't panic! The computer can tell when you are stressed due to fear or being in a hurry. (I believe the manufacturers have put in special sensors that trigger random hardware or software failures in the presence of excessive fear pheromones.)

-Most importantly, DO NOT FORGET to send the file as an attachment, and notify the receiver in BIG BOLD LETTERS to run a virus check on the file before opening it. You may even want to follow up with a phone call if possible. Although this may not "cast you in a favorable light", it is better than having the recipient open a file that is infected (and there is always that possibility).

-Locate the last good copy of the file and try to isolate it in some way so that it won't be deleted accidentally while you are flailing about trying to solve this issue. If nothing else works, you can try to rebuild your current file off of that one. Try the other steps first

- (If you haven't already) Use the "Save As" function to create a new file.


- (If you haven't already) Create a new file, "Copy" and "Paste" the slides from the old file to the new. Then save that one. This may cause you to lose transitions. If you are only sending the file so that the people can pull data from the slides, this should be ok. However, if the transitions and clips are required, you may have to rebuild the file (Assuming that the new file works ok.)
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