Video files are not shown in powerpoint 2007

Wonderer - Nov 17, 2008 at 09:07 AM
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Hello, I recently held a presentation using the PowerPoint 2007 software. I had inserted a video file (.avi) captured from an unregistered Hypercam2.

It worked well on my computer, but when I plugged it in to the large broadcaster we have at school (like the ones in a cinema), then the video file just turned black when I tried to play it!

We heard the sound of the file, but no video were shown. I had inserted the .avi file to microsoft movie maker and publised it into a movie file ( .avi I think)

Could this be a technical problem with the broadcaster, or can I convert the video file into something that can be shown? (the video worked on the large screen when playing it I WMovie maker)

What should I do to prevent this happening again?

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Hello Sir.

I took the liberty to find a solution to your problem as I was trying to embedd an avi into Powerpoint 2007. Came to find out that AVI files don´t work on Powerpoint 2007 so here´s what I did: I converted the AVI file into an MPEG and reloaded it, after that it worked out just fine.

Download a FREE AVI to MPEG software application. I use Free FLV to AVI to MPEG converter version 1.6.

Good Luck.

Thank -you so much I am working on a slide show for my little brothers sweet 16 and I couldnt for the life of my figure out why it wasent showing the picture and I was getting so mad at it. I had the same problem a few months ago when I made my classes senior slide show with getting songs to play thank u so much

Cassie k
@Bucephalus : thanks a ton .. was really helpfull