Lan and webcam driver for HCL LEAPTOP B23 C2D

 Asha -

Need lan and webcam driver for HCL LEAPTOP B23 C2D. Please help !!

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there,

To get both the mentioned drivers as well as others for same model please refer to Faq which will provide you download link:

Thank you

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Hi, I need for Windows XP OS. This OS is not listed there.

Hello Asha,

If the driver is not listed on the website then have the help of driver detective and let this application do needful concerning drivers,download it from link below:

Hi drlootle,

Thanks for your response.
Windows XP comes with the inbuilt ethernet driver. So, no need for separate lan driver for it.
And, regarding the webcam driver, I got it from hcl infosystems service center.
Anyways, thank you so much for your interest in helping me.

Thanks again,