Nokia 7210 supernova opera mini access

 Chandan Kumar Mohanty -
sir my phone is nokia 7210 supernova. I get settings many time. but I dont access opera mini in my phone. please solve my problem

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You need to configure it as well as internet must be activated on handset to be able to use it,have the instructions for configuring it from faq on link below:

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In your Nokia mobile do this below settings.
* Go to Settings.
* Go to Configuration.
* Go to Personal Configuration Settings.
* Now, press Add New (visible if you do not have a previous Personal Setting created) or press the Options button.
* Choose Add new. A new menu displays, providing several options to choose from.
* Scroll down and choose the Access Point and press Select. (Please note that this option is not available on the Nokia 3220 model and maybe on some more models, you can instead use the Services option instead of the Access Point option on the Nokia 3220.) Do not choose the Web option, as this will not work with Opera Mini.
* Now, go to Access Point Settings.
* Go to Bearer Settings.
* Go to Packet Data Access Point.
* Enter your APN address that corresponds to your provider, then press OK.
* Go back to the Personal Configurations Settings menu, where you now should be able to see an Access Point selected.
* Press the Options button, and then choose to activate this Access Point.
* Now you should be able to start Opera Mini, and try to load a link on your phone.
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*Select Opera Mini,
*Click "Options",
*Select "App. access",
*Select "Data access".
*Edit "Read user data" and "Add and edit data" which are used by Opera Mini!
sir when I application conect to the internet the result is disconect exm opera is not conect to the internet
plese send me this problem solved result