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Opera GX is an Opera browser developed exclusively for gamers. Its objective is to offer a next-level gaming experience. The main strength of the browser is its reduced system resource usage. Besides that, you will find an attractive interface, a customizable sidebar, a built-in VPN and ad blocker, and much more.

What is Opera GX?

The best way to describe Opera GX is by calling it a gaming browser. It has the same features as the ones you know from the regular Opera Browser but with an appearance inspired by the world of video games. In addition to being fast and secure, Opera GX seeks to create an ideal user experience for gamers, prioritizing performance and providing a high level of flexibility regarding functionalities and audiovisual aspects.

What are the key features of Opera GX?

  • Custom appearance: Switch between dark and light mode, change the neon interface colors to your liking, or pick one of the Opera GX custom themes.
  • Maximum performance: Reduce the consumption of CPU, RAM, and network resources by means of the controls built into the browser. By doing so, using Opera GX won't have an impact on the games you play simultaneously.
  • Sidebar: The browser incorporates a permanently visible sidebar that saves you time thanks to shortcuts to its messaging application (such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Discord) and streaking (Twitch and Spotify) shortcuts.
  • Sound effects: Opera GX browser provides customizable sound effects responsive to your actions, such as typing, clicking, or even moving your cursor. You can also activate background music while browsing.
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  • GX Corner: This is a special section within the browser where Opera gathers the latest gaming news for platforms such as PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Furthermore, you will find a very handy and accurate video game release calendar.
  • Ad blocker: The built-in ad blocker protects your privacy while making websites load faster by disabling obsolete content.
  • Free VPN: The gamer version of Opera comes equipped with a free VPN to protect your privacy and security.
  • Connect other devices: Scan a QR code on your computer to connect the desktop browser with the Opera browsers you have installed on your other devices. So you can easily sync them and share links, videos, notes and files using the Flow function.
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Is Opera GX free?

Downloading and using Opera GX is completely free.

Is Opera GX safe?

Opera GX is considered a relatively safe privacy-security-focused web browser as it features phishing protection and malware scanning, and also a built-in ad blocker, an anti-tracker, and a free VPN. For more information, you can consult the service's privacy statement.

Is Opera GX good?

Yes, it is a good web browser. Even though users don't praise it for its gaming features, it offers a stable and performant experience with many options to tweak, and its interface can manage to seduce you. So, as always, give it a try and you will quickly know if that's the kind of web browser you like.

Is Opera GX better than Chrome?

Regarding customization, Opera GX has a huge advantage over Chrome, specifically when it comes to its different dark themes, bold colors, and other visuals inspired by the video gaming industry. Another big plus is the sidebar, a feature that is not available in Chrome.

So which of these browsers is more efficient in terms of resource consumption? Opera GX is the winner as it uses a considerably lower amount of RAM memory. Thus, there will be more CPU resources available for gaming.

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