Broken LCD screen and forgot password

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So I have gotten myself into quite the pickle. I have an HP Pavilion dv200 series computer which I broke the screen about a year ago. I have since purchased a new computer but I have gotten a external monitor to use for the old computer which I would like to set up as a desktop. Problem is after a year I have forgotten the password and its a Windows Vista OS. I have attempted some password recovery tools but those require you to boot from cd or enter BIOS mode, both of which need to be done before you get into the Window's login screen and I cannot switch to the external monitor until the login screen.

I do not want to reload Vista because I want to get to the files and programs that are still on this computer so basically I do not want to wipe the memory.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank You in advance.

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Hi there,

To reset either windows or bios password,for both of them there are solutions which are given on link below from Faq,please follow them carefully:

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Open it up and take out the BIOS Battery (wait about 10 sec) place the batter UPSIDEDOWN/VISEVERSE or the OTHER SIDE xD and then turn on Computer. This should reset your password..
Hi there, I'm interested with your broken Laptop. can you please provide us more information about your laptop? You may send us an email. Thanks!

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