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Hello, I am the administrator on my own laptop. When I shut down my computer on July 5, it was working beautifully. When I started it on July 7, I couldn't type into the screen in Explorer 8 - I could only type into the address bar or use favorites. I was dead in the water until I switched to Firefox. When I later noticed that everything was VERY slow, I went to Windows Search, only to discover I couldn't type there, either. A few more attempts to find a solution resulted in getting the message that I needed an administrator to perform the task. When I went to Users, it said I was the Administrator, but won't let me do anything with the accounts. I can access all of my documents and photos, but have NO System Restore points or privileges. Does anyone know what is wrong and how I fix this - in simple terms, please?

<config>Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.11</tconfig>

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Aug 6, 2010 at 07:07 AM
Dear Sir,

Please check whether there is no trojan or virus on your PC first. Otherwise, have your system repaired in order to get the problem solved for it seems that there might be some files that have been corrupted.