Deleted app store

 Dawn -
I accidentally deleted the app store application from my iPod touch.
It's an 8GB and I tried reseting the home screen layout but it didn't
work. How do I get my app store application back? Please help me!


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Hi, I did the same, go into: settings, general, restrictions, here u av 2 put in ur passcode, next page ul c a list of icons with on or off options next 2 them. Click the apps 'on' then it will appear on u front screen again. It worked 4 me but took ages to figure it out!
Thank you

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What do you mean turn the app on??
OMG thank you!! I remember messing with the restrictions the other day... didn't realize I "hid" my app store from myself! I thought it was deleted somehow... but now I've got it back! Thanks!
thank you!!! OMG life saver!! God bless
Thank you Lyn.... I've been without my iTunes and apps for ages, thanks to you I've got them back!!
Go to you search bar, which you slide your finger to the left when your on the home page. (only if you have the new Ipod Touch 4G.( Then type in app store and its there!
In iPod 4g go to setting & click restore. Select
Home screen layout & all default icon r restor
Thank you so much!! I have my app store icon back :) happy days
if you have a 8gb I pod touch all you have to do is reset your homepage layout. but if you keep all your apps in the luttle bundles then they wont be in the bundles and your homepage will be just like how it was when you first got it. trust me I did this and it took a long long time to figure out. I hope this helped you all
!!! :)))
oh ya and I forgot to reset your home page lay out go to settings then scroll to the bottom click reset and click reset home page lay out
This really helps alot
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sync to your home computer and it should be restored.
I plugged the itouch into the computer and it didn't restore that apps

Hi there,

If the application was originally on the device at purchase, you should obtain it back while restoring it to factory settings, however, it seems that you are having trouble restoring to factory settings.

Normally, if you find that you are unable to get it restored, you should set it in recovery mode and get it restored. Take care however if there is any error code message pop ups. If ever such occurs, please indicate the complete error message for further appropriate help.

Otherwise, by getting through these instructions you should get the device restored back to factory settings and have the deleted application back.

Thanks in advance and do not hesitate to hit back.
Hello you can try updating your iPod then it should install it all back but if you have it jailbroken I would not recommend updating unless u no how to jailbreak the firmware that you would update
thank you SOOOOOO much! im content :D