My flash drive quit working!!

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I went out and bought a jump drive last year knowing that this coming school year I would have a new computer. I saving all of my documents onto my jump drive from my computer. Out of the blue, the jump drive cannot be read on my computer. I tried onto a different computer testing the USB port and it will not be read on that computer either. Is there a way to retrieve all this information? The last time I put it in, it told me that the USB could run faster on a different port. I ignored it. Should I have done something? The jump drive is a Verbatim and have loved it this past year but I am not loving it right now. School starts in a couple of weeks and I am in panic mode.

Thank you for your time in advance.

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Hi there,

If you tried on another computers and its not detected then its enough clear that the device is damaged and data cannot be recovered from it.