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Juniore - Aug 26, 2010 at 01:06 PM
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I would like to ask for help on how to go about writing a formula in Excel.
I have a bank statement that is approx. 2500 to 3000 line items long.
Column A contains the date of the bank transactions.
Column B has the dollar amount of the transactions.
Column C has a long descrition of the transactions. About 300 to 400 of these transactions contain the words "American Express", "Mastercard" and "Discover" in the descriptions along with other bank jargon. In other words, those 3 words are not the only text for the description and they are not always in the same exact position of the description. Also, please bear in mind that the 3 words do not appear together on the description. Each different credit card have their own transactions.

These are all credit card paymentrs we receive. I have to copy the dollar amounts from these credit card transactions and copy them over to column D.

I need help writing a formula that would recognize any of these 3 words (American Express, Mastercard and Discover) in the long description of the transaction and copy the dollar amount to another column D. Thank you for your help.


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Strange Junior, I can still find your second post. But since you can't here is my answer:

Hi Juniore,

Try this formula in column D and drag it down as far as needed:
=IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("American Express",C1)),IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Mastercard",C1)),IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Discover",C1)),"",B1),B1),B1)

Best regards,
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Aug 27, 2010 at 08:16 AM
Could you please upload a sample EXCEL file WITH sample data, macro, formula , conditional formatting etc on some shared site like ,, , etc
AND post back here the link to allow better understanding of how it is now and how you foresee. Based on the sample book.
Please don't double post to prevent confusion. I saw your second post first, so there you will find my answer.
The reason I double posted was because the moderator told me my question had been removed cuz it wass in the wrong forum,. I have recveived 2 messages from you saying the same thing that i double posted and to refer to your first repsonse. I cannot find your first reponse, but thank you anyway.
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Aug 30, 2010 at 05:04 PM
You would have less problems reading posts if you did not use credit card names for they are filtered and take a very long time to appear

Thank you for your response. I cannot find your first answer so my question is still unanswered. The moderator told me that my first questions had been removed, so i posted it again in a different forum, but now i cannot find your answer. I have been trying to find this solution for over 4 years and i guess i will never get it cuz you have the answer but I cannot find it. Thank you