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Beth - Aug 28, 2010 at 06:14 PM
 Blocked Profile - Sep 7, 2010 at 05:23 AM
I was working on my paper for my Master's Class this morning. I had pulled up my last submitted paper and was making modifications to it and was getting ready to save it as the new paper when my screen went back to my desktop and my paper was gone. I have looked everywhere in every file and cannot find it. The paper that I used to make the modifications to is the same as it was, as if I had made not changes to it. Do I just need to start over or can I retrieve it somehow?
I have windows 7 and the paper was in the word format.


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Blocked Profile
Sep 7, 2010 at 05:23 AM
Dear Beth,

Accordingly there is no auto save feature on it and hence you have lost the file. You won't be able to get it back.