Samsung corby messaging problem

arun - Aug 29, 2010 at 05:37 AM
 Star - Apr 1, 2014 at 06:07 AM
Hello, hi this arun , im using a samsung corby ,first version. today I morning I woke I got an pop up screen saying , I got 4 messages when I enter there was no new messages as indicated . I came back to menu .. then logged in again the messages icon .. I get a screen initializing with dot dot dot .. then it disappears .. I couldnt log in to messages .. nor im getting any intimation of new message .. all other applications are working fine except this message icon

ive changed my sim .. ive tried using other sim .. but even then the results are the same .. I reseted the phone setting and tried also .. but nothing is working

can you please help me in getting resolved this... suggest me a good fix for this issue


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This happened to me today.. I got around 8 messages via internet server together and then the messaging server should initialising only... then I tried resetting the phone in no sim mode. (Witout sim type *2767*3855#) this made my phone to default settings and all the messages stored in folders got deleted.. There were few memories in that .. then I tried opening mesages with the sim.. but still it showed same initialising.. then I inserted another service provider sim.. it worked .. the message box opened.. then I inserted that sim card (The one which was showing the error) in a very old handset (Nokia butterfly modle colourless one) then I deleted messages from that sim and I again restored it in the corby and that worked.. This just happened to erase those messages which I stored and saved them for memories.. It just seams god deleted them... Sad.. but this worked.. at cost of something.
awesome one sanky :):) my mobile s back on track ... its superb heartful thanks for your solution .. just a think that guys who enter the code .. should take a back of all your contacts ........
thanks shanky, my set is ok now by following ur procedure................. keep helping................
Thankyou for your help :)
TanQ dear shanky........... Kiiiiiiisssssss
U just for new hand set......................dats fine & nice ok my dear Arun
hmm up ajay thinking to go .... but my memories n some of my messages which ive treasured everything s lost :(:(
thanks a lot ajay ....
i seem to be facing the same problem.. I had kept the phone in my bag... took it out, and it was swithced off.. swithced it on, and the sms app does not open.. the initiliasing screen comes and vanishes.. tried everything arun has tried.. guys, have u found a way out of this so far? too bad its Id and then weekend, all service centres might be closed..