My computer Wont get to the loading screen

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My name is Phil. Im 18 and i do know a good amount about computers. And no i did not kill this one.
Anyway heres my problem. My aunt gave me her old computer and i wanted to fix it because of so much viruses. And it was working ummm "somewhat" good before. It ran and i was able to log in. BTW her computer is Windows XP. I have a vista CD so i plan on installing it. But heres where the problem comes in. I've wiped a set amount of data off the hard drive cause they were useless and taking up space. I think some were even viruses. She has vista optimizer 2008 on here computer which i know is a viruses or trojan. So i had to turn it off at night cause i wanted to sleep. When i woke up the next morning the damn thing wont even get to the "Windows XP" screen. So you could imagine my frustration. SO What i really want to know is, is there a way to wipe the hard drive COMPLETELY without destroying it with a damn hammer or magnet. Any advice would be great.
Oh and no i will not pay to get it fixed. Cant learn anything by paying for someone else to do it am i right?

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Aug 30, 2010 at 11:32 PM
Don't worry friend.
Use a bootable disk of Windows XP, boot through the CD and remove all the partitions from the HDD. This action will result in LOSS of all data and make the file system of the whole HDD raw. Now create new partitions, format them into the system as you wish (FAT32 or NTFS) and then install a new copy of Windows. That's all. And you download everest from here if you don't know about the drivers.