IPhone yahoo messenger chat history retrieve

John - Sep 21, 2010 at 07:29 AM
 Ejohn - May 27, 2015 at 11:19 AM
Hello, Can some 1 tell me how can I retrieve my yahoo chat history on iPhone thanks

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I ran into the same ordeal as you today. Here is what I discovered. there is no way through which you can view the yahoo chat history through the Yahoo messenger application, but you can view it through the Mail box. here is what you should do:
1. Click on the mail icon on your yahoo phone
2.Go to the email account which you used for the yahoo messenger.
3.Scroll down to the very last folder on the list there. You will find a folder called: Y! conversations.
4. Click the folder to open and you will be able to see all the chat history made via the Yahoo messenger application on the phone.
Does the conversation have to occur on the phone or can one load the history even if it occurred on another device?
I still can not find the chat history all that shows up is the missed video calls!! HELP :)
I cant see any thing more than missed video call history
how to get the pics/images from iphone chat history? I can see only text conversation in the Y! folder
Hi guys as experienced the same problem these last days with my yahoo conversation history on my iPhone, ipad and on my android phone I tried all the day to find a solution. So the solution that I found is:
1. Login in your yahoo mail from the browser, not from the application.
2. Open the "Options" folder
3. Select "Go back to classic mail"
4. Select "Conversation" folder
I know it's not that easy as it was, but I guess it's the only way till yahoo fix the problem.
Where can I find the options folder? thanks
access your yahoo mail account where the Y! Conversations folder got erased. click on edit, then create a new folder with the same name - Y! Conversations. after saving it, the folder will not only get saved but also contain all your conversation history.
omg! thank you soo much!! My conversation folder had disapeared and I created a new one with the same name like you said and it all came back! Thank you!!
The folder was deleted from my iphone, then ipad and my mail from Mac. I tried your method for my phone and the history came back for a moment, and now, I don't see any converstaion in that folder I created.
I am having the same issue as NPT. Any suggestions?
Is there any way to get the whole history ,like sence a person has started using it.
Besides the Y folder? The Y folder got erased.