How to pin contacts and messages on Facebook Messenger

How to pin contacts and messages on Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app allows you to pin your important messages in a chat reference. This feature comes in handy since you can easily find photos, videos, or links you sent or received without scrolling through the whole chat. Read on to learn how to pin and unpin your messages.

Disclaimer: Pinning your favorite contacts feature is no longer available on newer versions of Facebook Messenger. However, it may come back in the near future.

How to pin messages in Facebook Messenger?

You can pin messages (including photos, videos, links, and text messages) in Facebook Messenger only via its mobile apps for iPhone and Android. The feature is not available on the desktop version of Messenger. To view all pinned messages in a chat, tap on the chat name at the top of a chat, then tap Pinned Messages. Here's how to pin a message:

  • From a chat, tap and hold on the message you'd like to pin.
  • Tap Pin.
  • Tap View Pins to view all pinned messages.

The chat can have up to 50 pinned messages. If you already have 50 pinned messages and want to add more, you will have to unpin some before.

How to unpin a message in Facebook Messenger?

  • Tap a hold on the message you want to unpin.
  • Select Unpin.
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