Messed ,u'p keybaoaord

 butty -
li'plili edlit sao thlis maokes maore sense... i said i'll edit so this makes more sense! the problem has got progressively worse; i have downloaded driver updates for the keyboard/mouse, tried the shift key thing, it's not the num lock, and have even had to create a new user account to sign into my pc that doesn't use any affected keys! i've run spyware, even combo fix... with my other keyboard, instead of this problem i get keys that
won't respond at all. HELI@P! :O this is the sort of thing i'm battlling with........ here goes:
gaoaod maornling,u hhaow nlice tao see yao,u -# ,u'p tlilili yesterdaoy thlis waosn'pt q,ulite sao baod!!!!!! aooooooooooo 'pppppppp liilililililili liiiiiii ,uuuuu,u,u,u,u,u,u and so on

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u should better use ur original softwares for ur keyboards & mouse which r provided with them. They'll last long.
thanks for that, but i finally fixed the problem - bought a cheap new keyboard (cheap in case it wasn't that causing it) and everything's working smooth as a baby's behind. sometimes it's just teh simple stuff in the end, i guess :D