My nokia 5130 cam bad quality [Closed]

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hi frds,
i have buyed a nokia 5130 in july 2009. quality of cam image is very bad.It appears something like green dots in the photo .This is frustating me.There is no proper reply from customer care.frds any one of you know what to do pls inform me.Will it need repairing how much it may cost.

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Please have the phone restored to factory settings through the below provided instructions in order to see whether the peoblem gets solved.

Otherwise, it should be a physical problem and you will definitely have to get the phone to a Repair Shop.

Good luck!

It seems more from physical damage and the cost for repairing it will entirely depend on what has been damaged on the phone.

Thanks in advance.


When you are taking pictures is the picture displayed clearly on the mobile phone screen?or same with dots?Have you tried cleaning the camera lens with a piece of flannel?If not then try before sending for repairs,


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