How to connect internet to pc by nokia2690

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please tell mehow to connect internet to pc by nokia2690 set
and what are all required for it

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Connecting your phone to your computer is an easy task but you should make use of its PC Suite in order to have the connection completed. The Nokia PC Suite should already be installed on the computer.

The PC Suite is essential and it allows you to synchronize and transfer files from your phone to your computer and vice versa. It also allows you to use your phone as a modem to your PC in addition to creating, editing and managing phone files.

You normally obtain the specific PC Suite for your mobile phone at purchase, but if you are missing it, please have it downloaded from the below address.

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thanks for your information

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Please have your GPRS settings activated first in order to be able to use it for activation internet settings on your computer via the PC Suite. You will obtain it from your network provider.

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Create also a dial up connection so that you can use it as a modem,entering the settings provided by network in use.You may also connect your mobile to pc to make file transfer and use as modem via bluetooth,for this you need to have bluetooth on pc,this method instructions are on link below: