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 joan -
Hello, am running win vista home. have black / yellow stripe shield on taskbar.
when accessing internet, pop up screens appear, asking (with menaces...!)
to download/suscribe to security systems......would appreciate help to remove this crap...!

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click on internet properties ,when tab open click on privacy selects cookies and turn on pop up blocks.
Thank you

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Are you sure you have not installed an antivirus program like Zone Alarm, who is asking you to allow or denay access to the programs that you load or the website you are trying to access?

Try to find out in the Task Manager how the program is called then I might be able to help you further if this is not Zone Alarm that is doing all this.
Hi I have having the same bank and yellow shield with the pop ups did you get any help resolving this????

How can i get rid of it I have norton loaded but it did not stop it
I have a pop-up Windows Live Screen everytime I try to bring in Windows Internet Explorer and cannot view Windows Internet Explorer....HELLLLLLLLLLLP