DVD/CD Problem

 Sreekanth -

i have a Zenith PC coniguration follow.
Intel P4, MSI Main Board (MS 7071)
RAM 768 MB DDR 400, Hard Disk-80 GB SATA, SONY DVD Writer and SONY CD Writer.
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate
my problem is, when DVD or CD insterted the drive, the system will shutdown.
please help me to send a remaider.


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Try changing the ide data transfer cable and try again its a hardware conflict on your system.

DVD Writer is SATA. so no ide cable. but CD Writer have ide cable.
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Ok so ,change both of them or unplug one of the drives using only one see what is the effect and changes noticed.

I am unplug the CD Writer. Then the system does not boot. System starting booting processes then suddently shutdown.