Unable to open ew websites like norton.com [Solved/Closed]

 Jafri -

I am not able to run norton live update and not able to open symantec.com and few other sites.but google,orkut,yahoo opens normally.
Using windows xp sp2
Please help


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Very Easy Solution of Thi Problem"Unable to open websites of antivirus company"

Get... Set... Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

1. Press -> Ctrl+Alt+Del
( Windows Task Manager Operning )
2. Press or Choose TAB of "Processes".
3. in "Process" many programmes Processes appear.
in this processes all of big, small and tiny Programme's processes displayes, "Viruses" also
select " SVCHOST.EXE " and Select "End Process"
Note : "SVCHOST.EXE" this names many types files in proccess bar, but not all viruses,
some files is system also, but dont worry, in this case - your comp. shutdown only - if select
other "SVCHOST.EXE" - remember this file and second time no touch it.!! OK !!??
4. if you find Proper "SVCHOST.EXE" named 'Virus procses' than Click on "End Process" button.
Viruses's works is finish now. because it's process is "End" this time.
5. Now open Antivirus Website and make update your antivirus prog.
6. than scan computer with updated antivirus programme.

Thank you

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Irfan, definitely you are a genius it worked for me...I select svchost.exe with changing memory and located in Network....thanks a lot
thanks a lot dude! it worked for me also.
thanks a lot dude
Thanks a lot irfan.this solution proved benificial for me. again thanks a lot
it works great man
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Some virus programs stop you from getting updates from the anti-virus sites. Download a antivirus program form another computer and transfer via CD drive.
so by installin a second anti-virus via cd? scan with AVG. ok so I will hav 2 anti-viruses installed. my first anti-virus is norton360.AVG-free detected risks and I downloaded a removal tool for Win32/virut plus deleted 3 files in my program files ..still internet running slow for nortons 360 and live update library Error 1000
Thanks for a very simple yet effective solution. The solution worked for me. I killed "SVCHOST" process in Network Service & lowest memory usage.
thanks gaurav
where is network service?
find viruses in this box also
click on start ---> Run
type ---> dxdiag
Click ----> OK


click on start ---> Run
type ---> msconfig
Click ----> OK


Many online antiviruses websites are available try it
Its due to spyware in your sytem, You can see internet doesnot work properly , Microsoft site cannot open, antivirus cannot be update and also opened

the best solution is download superantivirus software from link I had given below

Reboot the system after you run and scan. It will defenitely work! Thanks!

thanks a lot dude
this thing really worked for me
Thanks a lots for trying my solution
& commenting positively or negatively
& sorry for bed english
& sorry them for not solving by my solution
& God Bless You & Me
Thanks Irfan !!!! It worked for me
Every time the svchost.exe I terminated the system used to shutdown. Gaurav's post really helped a lot

Thanks Guys , God Bless
hey Irfan .. your idea really works .. seems you are genius...

keep on helping
End task worked.. !!! Thanks a lot.......

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