Can ping but can't browse

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I have a problem where I can ping websites but I can't browse, UNTIL I tried turning off Zonealarm and now I can browse absolutely fine! I'm guessing the problem arose from a Zonealarm update. How do I fix this so I can turn Zonealarm back on and still browse?


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I'm stunned. Everything was fine. I did a windows update. Then I could ping but not browse the internet. Exactly the same as everybody else. I've just turned off Norton and it's fine. I've been down over a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you

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This fixed a clients computer, Win7 Home. Had tried everything else with no sucess. Thanks again.
I can confirm that this happened with Avast Antivirus but I had to uninstall it to get back online.. Disabling did nothing! Good work Microsoft.
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It is a problem between a last windows update and ZoneAlarm. You have the choice between to put "medium level" instead of "hight level" in internet security area of ZoneAlarm (but the protection will be worse )or to change your firewall.
I had the same problem and have chosen to change my firewall.
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TCP/IP stack Winsock settings in Windows Vista
may get corrupted, causing errors and problems with Internet connectivity. Corrupt Winsock or Windows sockets configuration can be due to a lot of reasons such as installation of a networking software, or due to virus, trojan or malware infection, or sometime even due to disinfection of spyware by security software.
When Winsock corrupts, the networking errors that you may face include unable to surf the Internet with “Page cannot be displayed” error message in Internet Explorer or AOL even though the DSL/ADSL/cable Internet connection is connected. Sometimes, Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service is terminated as well.

To repair and reset the Windows Vista

1. Click on Start button.
2. Type Cmd in the Start Search text box.
3. Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run Command Prompt as Administrator. Allow elevation request.
4. Type netsh winsock reset in the Command Prompt shell, and then press the Enter key.
5. Restart the computer.

What netsh winsock reset command does are it resets Winsock Catalog to a clean state or default configuration. It removes all Winsock LSP (Layered Service Providers) previously installed, including the potential malfunctioned LSP that causes loss of network packets transmission failure. So all previously-installed LSPs must be reinstalled. This command does not affect Winsock Name Space Provider entries.
for Krishna: your tip worked like a charm. THANKS!!!!

I tried to compile a list of everything that works on this in order of likelihood of success:

1) virus / worm

unwise.exe, a phony Windows Antivirus program, and a rootkit named tdss may have caused this problem.

run gmer, combofix, and malwarebytes to clean the computer up.

2) Uuninstall Norton products with symantec removal tool (an old symantec install may have left deviant code.) Norton may have bits and pieces left on teh disk, use Norton Removal Tool at to get EVERYTHING. McAfee, Trend Micro, and Zone Alarm have all been causes of this proble, seemingly due to a conflict with a windows update. Using approrpaite uninstallers or teh Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, you may want to uninstall your Anti-Malware entirely; disabling alone may not be adequate.

3) Try to 'telnet 80', 'ipconfig /renew' from the command line, or right click the connection icon and select "Repair".
If either of those give you a weird error, then it's probably winsock corruption (Which only affects TCP, so i.e.: PING works (IP only), but a TCP connection does not)
Run winsockfix or follow directions at:

4) The Cisco VPN client has sabotaged browsing in one case. If you use it, reinstalling it may help.

5) Replace hosts.ini with only as an entry.

6) Ensure no proxies have been set if you don't have any. In internet explorer, click tools > internet options. Then click connections and LAN settings. Remove the checkbox for 'use a proxy server'.

7) Revert to an older driver (or upgrade to another.) You may need to run winsockfix again

8) Set BIOS to defaults to undo any overclocking

9) At cmd prompt, type: ipconfig /flushdns
thank u so much I didnt know what to do then I flushed the dns and it worked thank u
thanks bro ,yaa it was using proxy server,
now its working fine
i have also encountered same problem...
1st try to run winsock,then the installation advice to restart your pc..then restart..if the proccess is not still working
try to run the enternet explorer 8.0 installatio.. try to browse internet exprorer.then gotcha,,hope it works to you
In internet explorer click tools and internet options. then connections and lan settings. remove the checkbox for 'use a proxy server'

YES, KD is right, that did it for me too! I don't understand how or why, but Safari wouldn't connect to internet either. Then after changing that IE setting, now Safari works too.
hours and hours... wasted.. bloody microsoft... yet again.
thought it was Norton 360, which I completely uninstalled (through windows uninstall and with Norton_Remove_Tool) it wasn't.
thought it was corrupted winsock. used winsockfix tool. it wasn't.
the answer to me being able to ping sites but NOT browse them (and oddly connect with other internet programs (port 443) was to uncheck 'Use Proxy Server' in IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> LAN Settings.

hope my wasted time helps someone else... not.

can we have a call for a design movement where everything that gets built (software) just .. has to work...
I also had the same problem after updating windows and nothing worked winsock, malware, trojans, not the problem but then I turned off my trend micro and I could browse again. I am really starting to hate on windows updates.
Had a Vista PC that came in with viruses. Got all of them off, but the end result was that the PC would not get out to the net. I could ping, but no browsing. ftp to any site would say "Connection Refused". Ran netsh, reset tcp/ip, flushed dhcp, repaired winsock, nothing helped. Finally, I downloaded Norton removal tool. Removed all instances of anything from Norton Internet Security, etc. Rebooted the PC, and whala!

Samgoober's right...
I too had this issue. I reset Winsock Catalog, etc. but was still unable to browse.
I then downloaded the Norton Removal Tool (on another PC to Flash Drive), removed all traces of Norton and after reboot, all was well.

Thanks for the help Sam!
I had the same problem. and I fixed it by removeing the norton 360 with the removal tool. stupid Norton

Thanks everyone
Ran the Norton Removal Tool, which incidently was a nightmare to find as Symatec have removed it from their website, and that fixed my problem too (could connect to Wifi but browser wouldn't connect).

Thanks for the suggestion Samgoober!!

What a piece of junk Norton is!
i can ping DNS but can't acess internet