Top relaxing websites to relieve stress

Top relaxing websites to relieve stress

It can be difficult to concentrate in stressful moments: the focus is lost, and you are overcome with emotions. In this article, we have collated a list of websites that will help you relax for a moment and regain control over your anxiety. Permanently stressed people might want to keep a couple of these services bookmarked just in case.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Similar to meditation, the website Do Nothing For 2 Minutes suggests users stop everything and just relax and listen to ocean waves for 2 minutes. Every time you touch your mouse or your keyboard the timer will restart and you will have to try again. This website is made by the Calm app developers for meditation and relaxation. This two-minute pause can be very helpful and even healing at the right time.s

Draw your own nebula

To take your mind off your problems, social media pressure and external stress, you can try and draw your own nebula with different colors and forms. The process can become very enchanting, addictive and even fascinating, so free your mind and unleash the zen! After you finish, you can share your unique nebula with friends on Facebook.


Take control of the storm

Another funny and somehow relaxing experience is to control the storm on Looking At Something website. You can move your mouse and change the weather as you like: from storms with peals of thunder to slight rain and then from rainfall to a sunny day with birds singing around.

© Looking at Something

Take a journey into the starry sky

To get a 10-minute break, take a deep relaxed breath and take your mind of daily stress, try the Stars on Chrome Experiments website. You will listen to calming music and even learn something interesting and new about stars, our galaxy and some more cosmos-related details that will help you to relieve stress and regain harmony.

© Chrome Experiments

Smash the walls

If you are very tired and you want to release your negative energy, but going to a boxing class or shouting on the street is not an option, try to break some walls. It can be really fascinating and beneficial for your mental health as well as for your relationships with your loved ones.

© Smash the Walls

Listen to soft murmur

As a good accompaniment to your meditation and relaxation, pause or breathing practise, you can listen to a “soft murmur”. On this website you can be your own DJ and choose natural sounds that you like, adjusting their intensity. For example, you can select crickets and birds, add some white noise or fire sounds.

© A Soft Murmur

Gradient game

On the Into Time website you can play with colors and gradients while creating your own piece of art. Let your imagination run wild and pretend that you are Piet Mondrian or Wassily Kandinsky.

© Into Time

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