.jar not working in samsung star nxt

 Leorjj -
hey guys please help me, jar format software is not working in samsung star nxt s5233s, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Follow the following steps:-
1. Download game (say mario.jar)
2. Open Notepad, and type this:
<body bgcolor="green">
<a href="Install.jar">Install</a>
3. Goto File>Save as...
Give this name: "Install that Jar.html"
and click on save.
4. Rename "mario.jar" to "Install.jar".
5. Transfer "Install.jar" and "Install that Jar.html" to your phone in same folder.
6. Open "Install that Jar.html" and click on the link: "Install".
7. You have completed installation.
8. To install more games download them and rename them with ="Install.jar"
move the old "Install.jar" to other folder
and put the new "Install.jar" in that folder.
I am very happy to install games like that
Instead of changing firmware.
Awesome it work
Thanks Hemant,
I'm working fine
Great Work Hemant.....seens m trying to find out the solution from past 2 months....and finally I got the solution from you........Thanks again
awesome broda...............thanks alot.........!!!!!!!!!!
thanks yaar
jar files only work when dwnloaded from mobile internet....dats the big issue of samsung mobs........