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  • Developer Lewdlab
  • Version 1.0.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Dreams of Desire is an adult Visual Novel about mystery, power, and corruption where your choices genuinely matter until the end. So, undress all the mysteries and charming characters and discover this world's hidden gems.


This story plunges into the depths of power, corruption, and an enigma waiting to be solved, so step into the protagonist's shoes!

Fate seems to have sealed his destiny, pushing him into military school against his will. But our protagonist isn't one to follow the script. The life of a soldier was never meant for him. When everything seems predetermined, he discovers an ancient tome on mind control. This new wisdom offers him the chance to reshape his destiny. But what means will he use, and at what cost?


  • Live a story: As a visual novel, you will discover a brand new world populated by several characters (especially women). Take the time to know them, make choices as the story unravels under your feet through all the possible dialogues, and explore all the seven different endings.
  • Characters: Several characters are plotted, including Mrs Turner, Tracy, Alice, Jenna, Latisha, and Aby. Additional ones also get a spot, like the protagonist's best friend or the father.
  • Many practices: No matter what you like, you will experience a wide range of practices, including shady ones. Your desire will be met.
  • Enjoy the view: You'll be delighted to view and review over 5000 images.
© Dreams of Desire
  • Dynamic animations: Getting turned on by images is a thing, but you will probably prefer to watch the action become more real as the characters move. And that's what you get, as over 460 animations have been specifically designed to strengthen your immersion.
  • Challenge yourself: Take a break between your moments of delight and unlock all the 37 Steam Achievements. You are likely to uncover unsuspected nice presents along the road.
  • More is best: If you are eager to discover more, you will be amazed by all the scenes and extra gallery content. Revisit your favorite moments and have fun.
© Dreams of Desire


Well, the game animations and graphics are pretty finely crafted to guarantee an immersive and pleasurable experience throughout your journey. The characters' bodies, especially some parts, have been carefully modeled to ensure you will get what you want. Finally, the lighting and shadows are quite beautiful for that kind of game, and all the different scenes are pretty convincing.

Duration and game modes

  • Main story: This is where serious things happen. Dive (deep) into the story and untie all the secrets the characters offer.
  • Engaging minigame: It features a sandbox-style minigame, providing a break from the main storyline and allowing you to discover something else.

What do the reviews say?

That is not the kind of game that official critics review. Nonetheless, it is rated Very Positive by over 1,000 players on Steam, which is a reliable metric for that kind of game. So, take the time to try it, and you will likely get satisfaction.

Age rating

Dreams of Desire is suitable for an adult audience only.

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