Phone is unable to recognise sd card.......

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Dear Sir/Mam,

I have a Htc P3400i Phone, the problem is after inserting the Sd card to my laptop. The sd card is not working in my mobile phone, the card is allright but my phone is unable to recognise the sd card. Please help me ....................?
I need your help!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Waseem Akram,

The reason why the SD Card is not being recognised is surely because it is corrupted or this can also happen when you have a virus on it. If such is the situation, then you will have to get to the SD Card on your mobile phone and then have it formatted, this should solve the issue. However, you will lose all the files on it. You can copy these particular files on your phone memory but it is not at all reccomended.

Another reason why this could be happening is that the USB port that you are using is faulty. Please try another USB port or computer to see whether it works and hit back for appropriate help.

Thank you.