PC won't boot, CPU fan running

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 Huntz - Dec 12, 2010 at 08:51 PM
PC about 7 years old, running XP.
CPU fan starts up & runs after start button is pressed. No beep audible. Capacitors are fine (no bulging).
Existing power supply is 20-pin ATX 300W.
When replaced with new 550W PS CPU fan won't turn on at all. (Why?)
Suggests existing power supply is OK?
Please advise how to diagnose problem and possible remedial action.

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Do you power ribbon that you forgot to hook to he motherboard? Switch back to the old one and verify the the cpu fan still works.

if it does and it still does not POST(power on self test) or boot, sometimes auxilary cards(sound card, video card, etc) and drives go bad, confusing the computer. If you are a little tech savy you can try disconnecting your hard drive(s), disk drive(s) (floppy, zip, cd/dvd whatever you have) and auxiliary cards one by one until it does its POST.