Cant print pictures in color

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Wednesday September 10, 2008
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I'm running with Vista Home Premium.
My problem is that I cannot print pictures, in color, from 'My Pictures' or from 'Windows Live Photo Gallery'. I have gone from the 'control Panel' to 'Printers' and right clicked on my 2400 printer and ran a test page, it worked nicely there. However, when I try to print a color picture it comes out in grayscale.
Is there any setting which left to be made or Is there a problem with my printer?

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I installed the HP Universal Print Drivers on my Win 7 system. I found I could print but not in color to an HP 5550.

I found the resolution:

Go to Printers and Faxes.
Right-click color printer
Click Printer Properties
Choose Device Settings Tab
Scroll to the Bottom of the page
Set Device Type "Color" instead of Autodetect.
Thank you

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Pulled my hair out all day long. This fixed it in 5 minutes. Thanks.
Brilliant. Thanks very much for posting this.

You have made my day!!
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Saturday September 13, 2008
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There is no problem with your printer.
Try this:
When you are in "Pictures"
>right click on a picture
> Print
>"Options" (on the bottom right of that window)
> Color Management
>Advanced Tab
>set everything to "Default".
I worked on this for 2 hours. I took your advice and fixed it in 30 seconds. THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for your advice. It fixed the problem in a minutes.
thanks a lot
this has helped me