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Universal Android Debloater is an innovative open-source solution to debloat your Android device without rooting it. Besides making your devices run more smoothly, it can improve your privacy, security, and phone battery life.

What is Universal Android Debloater?

Universal Android Debloater is an open-source and cross-platform solution that empowers you to debloat non-rooted Android devices from your computer (whether on Windows, macOS, or Linux).

What are the key features of Universal Android Debloater?

  • Uninstall or restore system packages: It lets you uninstall unnecessary and possibly obscure system apps you don't need. But to make sure you don't get trapped, it is also able to restore the packages you uninstalled.
  • Export and import selection: You can export the system packages you want to remove or import them as a list in a uad_exported_selection.txt file. That's pretty useful to consistently get the same results between different devices and avoid uninstalling useful packages by mistake.
  • Multi-user support: All your configs and data are saved in a dedicated profile so multiple users can share the same app seamlessly.
  • Multi-device support: You can connect multiple devices simultaneously safely.
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  • Logging system: All your actions are logged to ensure you never forget what modifications you have carried out.
  • Non-intrusive: You don't have to root your device (which is the equivalent of jailbreaking it) to turn off the tedious and unnecessary packages you don't want.
  • Interface: The interface is modern and intuitive to use. Moreover, it does the most essential thing regarding this kind of solution: handling all the complexity for you.
  • Manufacturers and mobile carriers: It already supports many different manufacturers, and the list keeps growing as the app is improved. Also, several mobile carriers are supported.

How to use Universal Android Debloater?

If you plan to use Universal Android Debloater, please perform a backup of your phone's data, just in case. Download and install Universal Android Debloater on your computer following the installation process. Windows, macOS, or Linux are supported.

For more information about the debloating process, feel free to consult dedicated articles about it.

Is Universal Android Debloater free?

Yes, Universal Android Debloater is a free solution.

Is Universal Android Debloater safe?

Universal Android Debloater is considered safe to use, as no breach has been discovered. Still, the developer clearly states, "Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that could happen to your phone."

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