How to connect champ c3303 to pc [Solved/Closed]

 row rox -

I have install the samsung pc studio but I can't connect champ c3303 to pc via bluetooth .please tell me how to connect champ c3303 .

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To connect mobile phone to pc via bluetooth the instructions are a;ready provided on the Faq section,follow this link:

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you can install new version of samsung mod driver of kies.this version of samsung only made for samsung champ ,trust me its help u
Hi its real simple to connect the phone samsung champ or any other phone for that matter to the pc . all that you need is a usb cable which can be brought in any mobile shop .connect the usb cable to your pc and to your mobile .transfer whatever songs you want to transfer to your phone by pressing the sync option your phone library gets updated and the pictures music or videos are automatically added to the library
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