Cheats for iphone??

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Is there a money cheat for sims 3 ambitions that works with iphone??
I have tried shaking my phone when in gardening tips but nl
Luck. Please help

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It works, for the iPhone 4
It doesn't work for sims ambitions


I have actually learnt this trick from a Kioskea member, Toriaprihoda. From his instructions, you could have $500 each time you use the trick. Perhaps you are messing up with the instructions.

The instructions are as follows.

* You will be compelled to be in your home.

* Touch the three dots that you see in the left bottom on the screen in the circle.

* Then get to the Help and About feature.

* Next to the Gardening Tips.

* In the gardening tips, now shake the screen gently.

This is how you will get your bank account increased by $500 each time.

Good luck!
this only works on the sims 3
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Of course it only works for SIMS 3, the initial question was about Sim 3!
I think the original question was about "Sims 3 Ambitions" I have both this game and the original Sims 3 game on my iPhone and this cheat only works on the original version. Not Ambitions. Sorry, there are no cheats I know of.