Connection timed out lotr bfme 2 help

seb - Jan 8, 2011 at 08:43 AM
 Joey - Feb 15, 2011 at 06:29 PM
when I have put in my user name and that I press login I wait a little bit then it said connection timed out :( I have tryed adding it to my fire wall and stuff but it still doesent want to work any suggestions ???? please help!!! :)

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Stop commenting when you don't even know the situation. It's got absolutely NOTHING to do with them making money on it. Electronic Arts had a deal with New Line Cinema that expired. Although I am a never ending LOTR Conquest and BFME fan, they had no other option but to close the servers and pull the plug for good. It were a dodgy deal and in my opinion it were a bit of a scam, as are all EA games as we have all seen the long list of games that will be going offline in the near future. But I for one will NEVER be paying money to EA again.

Conquest lasted 13 months before they shut down the servers, did they say that before we bought it? Maybe they did in their small print, or somewhere they knew for a fact that we wouldn't read it. But like I said, It's got nothing to do with money, just the fact they wont renew old contracts.

We've all shared good times on these games and I'm sad to inform you but if you're playing a game right now that has Online features or even powered by EA's dedicated servers then it is inevitable that they will be getting shut down. It's how they work I'm afraid.

Thanks for the run guys, maybe us gamers will one day have our 'bill of rights' passed. Until then, keep up the good stuff.


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the sever was shutdown on dec 31 midnight/
why did it shutdown??
The Hyeenadon
Jan 29, 2011 at 03:42 PM
EA lost the rights to it, so they are shutting down the server forever for it!!!!!!! My favorite game of all times...even more fun than Call of Duty series
I'm going to go commit suicide, now. Anybody see a recurring theme with these server shutdowns? Not enough people are playing (100-300) and EA decides they're losing money on it.
Anyone know if WOTLK servers are still up?
So weak..... :(