Does the sims2 seasons need 2 disks [Closed]

 Super Nova -

i just bought the sims2 seasons from instant cash i then when on to try to install it but when it reached 63% it showed a message saying please insert disk 2 but i dont have a second disk please help..

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Yes, you do need a second disk if it was a download then i recommend just hitting next or whatever it may say otherwise you should contact instant cash and inform them that's the best i can say happy simming!

hey.. i have a problem to about installing sims 2 season expansion pack. when i finish installed it. i cant close the (SIMS 2 UPDATER) then. it says it need sims 2 DVD. what should i do? please help me.
I just bought the game also, but I ordered mine on Amazon. It came in a box with 2 disks, and I'm uploading the first right now. So I'm guessing that if you bought yours online or ordered it from the website, then you may have to re-buy it in disk form. But that's just a feeling. I hope this helps you!

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