(C:) Drive is Full and I don't know why

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I've had this problem for a while: my C: drive is almost completely full (only 4.41 GB of 99.2 GB is remaining). The big folders there are Windows (20.8 GB) and Users (44.2 GB). Are these sizes normal? Any ideas of where the other 20-ish GB is being used? Have you had this problem before? If so, what did you do about it? I have an external hard drive that has all of my pictures/videos, so it's definitely not those.

Thanks for your help.

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Sound like a mean virus to me!

If you wish, I can sent you a diagnostic tool and you can return the log here for analysis

Download and install winrar, put all your pics and vids in a folder, open winrar, right-click the folder and say add files to archive, click browse and save to desktop.

Alternatively, create a Mediafire account (it has unlimited secure storage so you'll be OK) and upload all your stuff there!!!!

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