HP Pavillion Notebook cannot enter BIOS. [Solved/Closed]

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I have a HP Pavillion ZT 3010 US notbook. I am unable to enter BIOS. The notebook freezes on the HP logo. When I press F10 (which is what usually gets me into BIOS) I see the message "Entering Setup" and she freezes. I've got the notebook for over 3years, recently installed Ubuntu with XP Pro dual boot system, using Grub.

I am unable to boot from CD or usb as well.

What I have done so far:
- Pulled out the ram, power, battery, hard drive and dvd drive.
- tested the hard drive using usb case on another machine. It works fine. There was a flash boot virus on it, which I removed
- I pulled out the CMOS battery

I tried starting the machine with any one or combos of the hardware mentioned above without success. The HP has onboard RAM which I have not touched. This will require me to take the machine apart to access.

What I am trying now is removing the CMOS battery and trying to start up without it. Let's see what happens!

Any help from someone who's been through this is appreciated.

One Love
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Thank you
well...the problem solved now..luckily my nephew have a hp dv16 so I borrow his laptop put my hard drive in his machine delete all the partition I created earlier and then take the hard drive out put back to my laptop now it finally can boot up work like a charm now...

Thank you, ben 23

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thanks, I had same problem... I have HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (Laptop), I removed my harddrive, RAM, try to reboot it 2 times and it work fine.... thx
Thank you thank you sooo much guys!! you all are genius. Thank you Herbert for making me understand what is the reason, " vista can't recover from hibernation". Last night instead of shutting my system down I just closed its flap and probably it went into hibernation.
One simple step could save lot of time and sooo much money. again thank you all guys. Thanks Ben for this post.
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u guys are just awesome thnk u soo much...
those HP technicians askd me to buy a repair cd for 40$ ...bloody beggers..
but guys solved it just in a few sec.. thnx:)
Removed CMOS, hdd, ram, reinstalled 1 at a time, worked like a charm. Ridiculous
hp paveilam dv2000 hdd ata setting
turnerbroadcasting - Apr 22, 2010 at 12:31 PM
Thank you
The F10 key should bring up the bios, if held.
HP likes to try to update bios from the disk.

Since I dont have a machine I can format the disk on
I am going to remove the disk then try to flash the bios.

Holding down the Windows + B key is supposed to let me
boot from USB. We will see.
Thank you
Hey I don't know if you tried this, but I had the same problems a few times and after hours and days wondering why it would freeze on startup I simply unplugged any USB device (iPod, Thumb Drive etc) that has a hardddrive in it. Sometimes if you dont have the option to never boot from USB clicked it will read those before your actual hard drive.

You probably already thought of that, but its one of those small things people tend to overlook. Hope it helped.

Mac, Thank you! That was my issue. My computer hasn't started up for a week and it was because my IPOD was still plugged into my laptop. Thanks again! Tom
thank you so much...this happened to my son and I about freaked....
Thank you
f10 on any HP laptop will start the system reinstallation from the recovery partition. this is not BIOS.
If it is freezing there, I suggest get the HDD tested
Thank you
ok I tried to dual boot my preinstalled windows vista x64 dv7-1020us with windows xp x64 before reading that I shoudlnt do so :(

i partitioned an area for xp pro 64bit edition and slipstreamed the intel matrix storage managerx64 and made a bootable cd.. I started my pc and booted from cd and the windows xp 64bit edition began to load the files, the installation continued and asked where I wanted to install xp and I chose the partition I made and chose yes to continue..

after copying the files from the cd the computer restarted. when it restarted there was an error "unable to load Operating system"... I powered off the pc and restarted again and booted from cd once more.. I then chose the area I made once again for the xp partition and chose to reformat to ntfs and copy files.. it reformated the partition and began to copy the files..
the computer proceeded to restart again but now it just hangs and sticks on the HP invent welcome screen..

if I try to get into the bios or boot menu or even recovery by presssing f9 f10 f11 etc nothing happens.. it just stays on that welcome screen.. I dont know what went wrong ..can someone help plz or has any ideas on what happened
The same happenned to me, with a HP Pavilion DV4-1120, during a dual boot xp instalation. Anybody can give a hint?? It seems that the HD is the problem.
could you solve this problem....exactly same thing happened with my hp dv5t-1000 when I tried to install xp over vista....pls let me know if you could solve this??
are you you have install properly all the cables and the divice did you touch anything with out wearing ruber dots gloves repeat it carefully, and reboot it again because your hard drive had been corrupted it well replace your cmos battery, install all well the power cable and other cables.
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Hey I know this fourm is old and it is 2013.But the same exact thing happened to my Pavilion DV4 1120US.I figured out that when I take out the hard drive I could access the BIOS but when I leave my drive it is stuck at HP logo.I am guessing it is the hard drive.I could only boot my computer with a linux cd.So maybe the drive is dead.
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Nevermind I figured it out.I take out the hard drive boot the Windows XP cd and put the hard drive in then format the hard drive and reinstall Windows.
Thank you
Never install an older Windows first. You'd have to wipe Vista first, install XP, then reinstall Vista. Installing XP second will mess up both boot files, rendering both OS's inoperable.
Thank you
You need to wipe the hard drive from another computer. The system boot files have been corrupted. Also the removing of the battery and booting from the computer will allow the system to reset after you wipe the hard drive.
Do this:

remove battery, start computer. then while running put the battery back in. It is a rest for hp laptops.