Laptop cannot start to welcome screen

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 Habib - Feb 23, 2011 at 12:06 AM
my laptop is a compaq/hp and its system is windows xp. When I press the on button, it goes to a loading screen with the hp symbol in the middle and "F10=ROM based setup" at the bottom. This is followed by 8 loud beeps. I'm then brought to a screen with a list of conflicts and "F10=ROM based setup" again at the bottom. If I press F10, I'm taken to a completely blank screen that continuously flashes between a lighter and darker black. If I just wait the same thing happens. Please explain and help resolve this problem! I can't even reach the welcome page!

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I had same problem. All I did is that when I turned laptop on I immeadiately started tapping the F1 key . It went to next screen like always. That is it. Hope it works for you.

It worked like a magic